Supreme Leader’s Norouz Message

The following is the full text of the message issued on March 20, 2013 by Ayatollah Khamenei the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution on the occasion of Norouz.

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

O Conqueror of hearts and sight,
O Planner of night and day,
O Transformer of power and circumstances,
Change our condition to the best of conditions.
Dear God, Your greetings be upon Your beloved, the mistress of all women in the world, Fatima bint Muhammad, Allah’s greetings be upon him and his household. Dear God, Your blessings be upon her, her father, her husband and her children. O Allah, be, for Your representative, the Hujjat (proof), son of al-Hasan, Your blessings be on him and his forefathers, in this hour and in every hour, a guardian, a protector, a leader, a helper, a proof, and a watchful eye until you make him reside on the earth, in obedience (to You), and cause him to live in it for a long time. Dear God, bestow on him, on his descendents, on his followers, on his people, on his special ones, on all those who obey him, on his enemies and on all people of the world what You brighten up his eyes with and what You make his heart happy with.

I would like to offer my congratulations to all my esteemed fellow countrymen throughout Iran, to all Iranians who are in different parts of the world and to all nations that celebrate Norouz, particularly our honorable war veterans, the families of our martyrs, our disabled war veterans and their families and all those who are making efforts to serve the Islamic system and our dear country. I hope that Allah the Exalted makes this day and this new year’s day a source of happiness, prosperity and joy for our nation and for all Muslims in the world. I hope that Allah the Exalted makes us successful in carrying out our responsibilities. My honorable fellow countrymen should pay attention that the days for commemorating the martyrdom of Hazrat Fatima are in the middle of the Norouz holidays and it is necessary for all of us to value and respect these days.

The moment a new year starts is in fact the interval between an end and a beginning: the end of one year and the beginning of a new year. Of course, we should mainly focus on what lies ahead. We should look at the new year and we should make plans and prepare ourselves for it. However, looking back on the path that we have followed will also be beneficial for us so that we see what we have done, how we have moved forward and what results our work has produced, and we should learn lessons from it and gain experience.

Just like all other years, the year 1391 was full of events, both good and bitter events, both victories and failures. This is the case with the lives of all human beings. Life is full of twists and turns, full of ups and downs. What is important is that we should climb out of the depths and try to reach the peaks.

As far as our confrontation with the arrogant powers of the world is concerned, what was obvious about the year 1391 was the harshness of the enemies towards the Iranian nation and the Islamic Republic. Of course, on the surface of the issue, the enemies were harsh, but below the surface was the experience of the Iranian nation and its victory in different arenas. Our enemies had targeted different areas, mainly economic and political. On the economic front, they announced and reiterated that they wanted to cripple the Iranian nation through sanctions. However, they failed to cripple the Iranian nation and by Allah’s favor and grace, we achieved a lot of progress in different areas, which has been or will be explained to our dear people in detail. And God willing, I will also briefly discuss certain things in my speech on the first day of Farvardin.

On the economic front, of course the people were under pressure and certain problems were caused. In particular, there were certain flaws inside the country. There were certain cases of negligence and laxity which aided the enemy in his plans. But on the whole, the general movement of the Islamic system and the people was a progressive movement and by Allah’s favor, we will see the outcomes of this national experience in the future.

On the political front, on the one hand they tried to isolate the Iranian nation and on the other hand they tried to throw the Iranian nation into indecision and uncertainty. They tried to undermine the determination of the Iranian nation. What happened in reality was the exact opposite. Regarding their efforts to isolate the Iranian nation, not only did they fail to restrain our rational international policies, but also events such as the summit of the Non-Aligned Movement were held in Tehran and a large number of leaders and government officials from different countries throughout the world attended the summit. This led to the opposite of what our enemies wanted and showed that not only is the Islamic Republic not isolated but that people of the world hold the Islamic Republic, Islamic Iran and the honorable Iranian nation in high regard.

Regarding domestic issues, whenever our dear people had the opportunity to express their feelings – mainly on the 22nd of Bahman of 1391 – they exhibited whatever enthusiasm and epic presence that was necessary and they were present on the scene in larger numbers and with more enthusiasm than the previous years. Another example was the presence of the people of North Khorasan in the thick of the sanctions, which was an example that showed the conditions and spirits of the Iranian people and their attitude towards the Islamic system and the officials who are serving them. Thankfully, great things were done throughout the year, including scientific endeavors, the work relating to infrastructure and the strenuous efforts by the people and government officials. The ground has been prepared for progressive movement and for – God willing – explosive progress, in economic and political areas as well as in other crucial areas.

According to the outlook that has been delineated for us by Allah’s favor and thanks to the determination our faithful people, the year 1392 will be the year of progress, dynamism and experience for the Iranian nation, not in the sense that the enmity of the enemies will decrease, rather in the sense that the Iranian people will be more prepared and their presence will be more effective. They will be better and more promising at building the future of this nation with their hands and with their effective efforts.

Of course, what lies ahead for us in the year 1392 will be in the two important areas of politics and economics. On the economic front, it is necessary to pay attention to domestic production, just as had been stressed in last year’s slogan. Of course, certain things were done, but promoting domestic production and supporting Iranian labor and capital is a long-term issue: it cannot reach the desired outcome in one year. Fortunately, in the second half of the year 1391, the policies for domestic production were ratified and announced for implementation. That is to say, the ground work was laid for this work. And on the basis of these policies, the Majlis and the executive branch can make plans, start a good movement and hopefully move forward with firm determination and continued efforts.

Regarding political issues, the great event of the year 1392 is the presidential elections, which will in fact determine the executive and political destiny of the country – and in a sense, the general destiny of the country – for the next four years. God willing, the people will manage to build a good future for themselves and their country through their presence in this arena. Of course, it is necessary for the people to have a jihad-like presence both in the economic arena and in the political arena. It is necessary to step in with epic spirits and enthusiasm. It is necessary to step in with a firm determination and a positive outlook. It is necessary to step into the arenas with a heart full of hope and enthusiasm and to try to reach the goals with epic moves.

With this outlook, I name the year 1392 “The Year of Political and Economic Valor” and I hope that by Allah’s grace, our dear people and our caring government officials will give rise to an economic as well as a political epic.

With the hope of receiving divine attentions and benefiting from the prayers of the Imam of the Age (may our souls be sacrificed for his sake), and saluting the immaculate soul of our magnanimous Imam and the souls of our honorable martyrs,
Greetings be upon you and Allah’s mercy and blessings.

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A reply to Barak Obama Nowruz message

Mr. President,

Let’s think this letter receives. First of all I have to teach something to the President who reads the Iranian nation a line from Hafez to address them. We are a nation who culturally prefers a wise enemy to a stupid friend. Fortunately, here we face a stupid enemy. In fact, we always have. I hope your mentors have told you that you face not only a wise but a clever nation which can tell the difference between an enemy and a friend. I mean you should be careful when you open your mouth to give a message to us. The following, is a message from an ordinary Iranian to the president of the United States. There is a proper time of course for my reply to you as a Basiji.

We got your message. Thanks to you and to your mentors to compose such a message on the eve of your first official trip to Israel. You have definitely made good use of the occasion of our New Year celebration, as you have in the past, to try to ratchet up pressure on us. But this time you focused squarely on our disputed nuclear program, which is expected to be high on the agenda when you visit Israel. Who cares? You and Netanyahu cannot pretend any more that Iran is a “nuclear threat” to Israel. Because we are NOT. We are more than that! You know that, we know that. YOU are the one who owns half the 27000 nuclear caps in the world, not us, however today you look at us as small superpower. We are even greater than that! I remember Uri Lubrani who was giving a speech in Washington D.C, 3 years ago saying “I would like to point out to you what Iran is really at. It’s not at Israel, it’s not – Israel is almost – it’s insignificant. Iran is to challenge – this regime in Iran is out to challenge Western culture, Western values. They say it and you should know it. And they are doing it very cleverly, quietly.” This is what we call it a wise enemy who is also man enough to admit the truth. I also remember Michael Ledeen who said “they don’t need nukes to kill us. They have been happily killing us for 30 years without nukes!” this is another example of a wise enemy, however, we do not find any wisdom in your Nowruz message. We are a nation who choose for himself. This is a right which West had taken it from us for decades and now it’s brought to us again by Imam Khomeini. You are not the one who chooses for us or offers up a “choice” to our leader Imam Khamenei. You are not man enough! You have always put us at gun point and offered us to come to the table of negotiations. This is preposterous.

You are not also the one who locates “our rightful place among the community of nations”. We have never been trying to find a place for ourselves among the “community of the nations”. The “nations” you are talking about are the body of so called Marshall McLuhan’s “global village” which is ruled by a chief called America. Obviously, we are not a citizen of this global village. Our values are Islamic not Humanistic. The Holy Quran teaches us that if we obey “most of those in the earth”, they will lead us astray from Allah’s way; they follow but conjecture and they only lie. (sura 6 – verse 116). Why don’t you quote a verse from Quran when you are telling us to “plant the tree of friendship”? I tell you, because the Holy Quran NEVER suggests planning a tree of friendship with the oppressors. Definitely Hafez – which is called Hafez for he had the whole Quran in his memory – would never suggest planning a tree of friendship with people like you. Do not try to fool a nation whose ancestors have enriched its culture being inspired by the words of Allah. You know that your problem with us is not our nuclear program but you are not man enough to admit it. A nation who has Allah is not isolated. Allah is the creator of the universe and is almighty.

I find this part of your message really Hippocratic, “Every day that you are cut off from us is a day we’re not working together, building together, innovating together — and building a future of peace and prosperity that is at the heart of this holiday.” We do not have the same goals. We do not intend to participate in building a civilization of hedonism and dissipation. The world you have built is also based on hundred years of oppression.  It’s a shame for you to talk about “peace” when you have destroyed it since the UN was established after the world war ІІ. Our young people are the true wealth of Islam and this country not at the service of the corruption you have spread throughout the world.


That is a good question anyway!

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Dear Uncle Sam,

That’s a good question! In fact there has nothing been that important – to find an answer to your question – since you have called our religion “the religion of violence” and us “terrorists”. I am sorry for this school shooting thing and like any other human being, I look on in sympathy, grief and disbelief. I am your foe anyway. I do not deny it and I cannot wait to see the world without you and the tyranny you spread throughout the world. This three-letter word is a good question anyway! WHY this child’s life was taken? There are answers. You know it. I know it. But I want to attach a list of many kids YOU have put their dead bodies into their father’s arms in Afghanistan, in Iraq, in Gaza, in Libya, in Sudan, in Yemen, in Bahrain – everywhere. Do you really think this school boy’s life is worth any more than theirs? One have to ask WHY were their lives taken? No matter what you blame as the suspect for the mass shooting in Newtown, Conn : the lack of gun control, the American culture of violence – anything – one must find the suspect for the child mass killing in middle-east. Give us one good reason WHY don’t you never ask Netanyahu WHY he kills sons and daughters in their fathers’ arms in Gaza?

A fundamentalist Anatomist

by: scalpel

down with USA .cartoon

Stop violence against Muslim minority in Myanmar

In last couple of months, the Muslim minority in Myanmar (Rohingyas) has been attacked by Buddhist extremists; many Muslims have been killed, their houses, villages and mosques have been burned and this human catastrophe has forced thousands of people to escape for their lives. Unfortunately,policemen and military government officers took side in the violence and actively participated in attacking Muslims minority.

Of course, Rohingyas are the victims of discrimination and human rights abuses for decades. For years, the basic rights of this minority group have been denied by Myanmar military government. They are not considered Myanmar’s citizens by the government which has led to lack of access to basic human rights like education or freedom of movement. However, the new wave of violence against Muslims in Myanmar with killing of hundreds of innocent civilians and children, destroying the houses and mosques, and forceful displacement of people from their homelands has hurt the human feelings and caused deep concern for every person who believes in justice and human rights.

We, the undersigned, condemn the violence against any minority group and very specifically, the Muslim minority in Myanmar. We deeply concern about the situation and request UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to call for an immediate resolution meeting to condemn the human right violation and killings in Myanmar and take effective actions to restore the peace and  protect the Myanmar’ Muslims minority group.These people deserve to live in peace and their minority rights must be respected by military government of Myanmar.

In German:
Tun Sie etwas, um das Töten der muslimischen Minderheit in Myanmar zu stoppen

In den letzten Monaten wurde die muslimische Minderheit in Myanmar (Rohingyas) durch buddhistische Extremisten angegriffen; viele Muslime wurden getötet, ihre Häuser, Dörfer und Moscheen wurden niedergebrannt und diese menschliche Katastrophe hat dazu geführt, dass tausende Menschen um ihr Leben fliehen mussten. Leider nahmen Polizisten und Offiziere der Militärregierung teil an dieser Gewalt und beteiligten sich aktiv an den Übergriffen gegen der muslimischen Minderheit.

Natürlich sind die Rohingyas Opfer von Diskriminierungen seit Jahrzehnten. Seit Jahren wurden die grundlegenden Rechte dieser Minderheit durch die myanmarische Militärjunta verweigert. Sie werden nicht als Bürger Myanmars durch die Regierung betrachtet, was einen mangelnden Zugang zu grundlegenden Menschenrechten wie Bildung oder Bewegungsfreiheit zufolge hat. Aber jetzt,  hat die neue Welle der Gewalt gegen Muslime in Myanmar mit dem Töten von Hunderten von unschuldigen Zivilisten, die Zerstörung der Häuser und Moscheen, und gewaltsame Vertreibung von Menschen aus ihrer Heimat, die Gefühle der Menschen verletzt und tiefe Besorgnis bei jeden Menschen verursacht, der an Gerechtigkeit und Menschenrechten glaubt.

Wir, die Unterzeichnenden, verurteilen die Gewalt gegen jede Minderheit und ganz speziell, die der muslimischen Minderheit in Myanmar. Wir sind zutiefst über die Situation besorgt und fordern UN-Generalsekretär Ban Ki-moon auf, eine sofortige Resolutions-Sitzung einzuberufen, um die Menschenrechtsverletzungen und das Töten in Myanmar zu verurteilen; und effektive Maßnahmen zur Wiederherstellung des Friedens und  zum Schutze der muslimischen Minderheitsgruppen in Myanmar zu ergreifen. Diese Menschen verdienen es, in Frieden zu leben und ihre Minderheitenrechte müssen durch die Militärregierung von Myanmar akzeptiert und respektiert werden.

In Dutch:
Stop het geweld tegen de Moslim minderheid in Myanmar

De laatste paar maanden is de Moslim minderheid in Myanmar (de Rohingya´s) aangevallen door de Buddhist extremisten. Honderden Rohingya moslims zijn vermoord, hun huizen, moskeeën en dorpen zijn in brand gestoken en verwoest. Door deze humanitaire catastrofe zijn duizenden ontheemd geraakt. Helaas is de politie en de leger niet onpartijdig gebleven en participeert actief bij de aanvallen tegen de Rohingya Moslims.

Al decennia lang zijn de Rohingya´s het slachtoffer van discriminatie en schendig van mensenrechten. De regering in Myanmar weigert om de Rohingya´s als burgers van het land te erkennen, wat heeft geleid tot ontzegging van toegang tot de basisrechten van de mens, zoals het recht op onderwijs en vrijheid van verkeer en verblijf. Echter, deze nieuwe golf van massale geweld, en vermoorden van honderden onschuldige mensen en kinderen, vernietiging van huizen en het wegjagen van mensen uit hun land, roept bij ieder mens die streeft naar gerechtigheid en behoud van mensenrechten, afschuw op.

Wij, ondergetekenden, veroordelen het geweld tegen elke etnische minderheid, zo nu ook specifiek tegen de Rohingya Moslims in Myanmar. Wij maken ons ernstige zorgen over de situatie aldaar en verzoeken de secretaris-generaal van de Verenigde Naties, de heer Ban Ki-moon, dringend om de moorden en mensenrechten schendingen een halt toe te roepen, en effectieve maatregelen te nemen om de vrede in de regio te herstellen en de Rohingya Moslims als een etnische minderheid te beschermen. Deze mensen verdienen zoals ieder ander, om in vrede te kunnen leven, en hun rechten dient gerespecteerd te worden door de militaire overheid van Myanmar.

In Persian:
دست از خشونت علیه مسلمانان میانمار بردارید
در ماه های اخیر افراطیون بودایی کشور میانمار اقلیت قومی روهینجاها دراین کشور را مورد حمله و تعدی قرار داده اند. در اثر این هجوم وحشیانه عده زیادی از مسلمانان کشته شده و خانه ها و روستاها و مساجد ایشان به آتش کشیده شده است. این تعدی ظالمانه باعث شده هزاران مسلمان آواره شده و خانه و کاشانه خود را ترک کرده و به کشورهای همسایه میانمار پناه برده اند. اما این ظلم آشکار که با اصول اولیه حقوق بشر منافات دارد و حاکمان نظامی میانمار بایستی مانع اعمال این خشونت ها علیه مسلمانان مظلوم شود. با این وجود متاسفانه نیروهای پلیس و وابستگان دولت نظامی میانمار از اکثریت بودایی حمایت نموده و حتی در حمله وقتل و غارت اموال مسلمانان مشارکت کرده انددهه های متمادی است که مسلمانان روهینجا قربانی ظلم و تبعیض هستند و سالهاست که دولت نظامی میانمار حقوق ایشان را پایمال می نماید. به عنوان نمونه دولت نظامی میانمار ایشان را به عنوان شهروند این کشور به رسمیت نشناخته و حتی حقوق اولیه ایشان نظیر حق تحصیل یا آزادی جابجایی محدود نموده است. متاسفانه در اثر این اقدامات تبعیض آمیز اخیرا موج جدیدی از اقدام های افراطی علیه این اقلیت مسلمان آغاز شده و باعث کشته شدن صدها انسان بی گناه، خرابی خانه ها و مسجد آنها و کوچ اجباری شان از سرزمین ابا و اجدادی شان شده است. این اقدام های فجیع احساس های هر وجدان بیداری را بر می انگیزد و هر انسان عدالت باور و معتقد به حقوق و کرامت انسانی را عمیقا نگران می کند

ما امضا کنندگان این دادخواست، تعدی و ظلمی که بر اقلیت قومی مسلمان میانمار وارد شده و می شود را محکوم می کنیم. ما نگرانی عمیق خود را از شرایط فعلی در کشور میانمار ابراز کرده و از دبیر کل سازمان ملل، آقای بان کی مون، می خواهیم که در اسرع وقت درخواست برگزاری جلسه اضطراری برای محکوم نمودن نقض حقوق بشر و قتل مسلمانان در میانمار نموده؛ و اقدامی عاجل در راستای بازگرداندن صلح به این منطقه و حفظ حقوق و جان اقلیت مسلمان میانمار صورت دهد

In Arabic:

وقف العنف ضد الأقلية المسلمة في ميانمار

في الشهرين الماضيين، قد هوجمت أقلية مسلمه في ميانمار (الروهينجا) من قبل متطرفين بوذيين؛ قتل کثیر من المسلمین، وقد حرقت منازلهم والقرى ومساجدهم و قد أجبرت هذه الكارثة الإنسانية الآلاف من الأشخاص الفرار للنجاة بحياتهم. لسوء الحظ، فقد وقف رجال الشرطة وموظفوا الحكومة العسكرية إلى جانب أعمال العنف و شاركوا بفعالیه بمهاجمة الاقلية المسلمة

بالطبع، الروهينجا هم ضحايا التمييز على مدى العقود. لسنوات، حرمت الحقوق الأساسية لهذه الأقلية من قبل الحكومة العسكرية في بورما. هم لا یعتبرون مواطنين في ميانمار من قبل الحكومة، الأمر الذي أدى إلى عدم حصولهم على حقوقهم الأساسية مثل التعليم وحرية التنقل. مع ذلك، إن مواجهة جديدة من أعمال العنف ضد المسلمين في ميانمار مع قتل مئات من المدنيين الأبرياء، وتدمير المنازل و المساجد، و تهجير السكان من وطنهم بقوة، أدمت المشاعر الإنسانية مما خلقت قلقا عميقا لكل شخص يؤمن بالعدالة وحقوق الإنسان

نحن الموقعون أدناه، ندين و بقوة استخدام العنف ضد الأقليات و على وجه التحديد، الأقلية المسلمة في ميانمار. نحن نشعر بالقلق الشديد إزاء الوضع و نطالب من الامين العام للامم المتحدة بان كي مون الدعوة لعقد اجتماع طارئ لمجلس الامن لادانه انتهاك حقوق الإنسان و هذه الاعمال الشنيعة في ميانمار، واتخاذ إجرائات موثرة لاستعادة السلام و توفير الحماية لهذه الأقلية المستضعفة في ميانمار. ان العيش بسلام و اطمئنان اقل مایجب ان يقدم الى هذه الاقلية
    المستضعفة و يجب احترام حقوقهم الانسانية من قبل الحكومة العسكرية في ميانمار
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for the Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr

Some reports indicated that Awamiya Shia prominent cleric and prayer Imam “Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr” was injured and arrested aggressively by security forces which caused Awamiya shia minorities come to street to protest Nimr arrest.

Protesters chanted “Allah-u-Akbar” (which means God is great) and demanded downfall of Al-saudi regime.

In this protest ,reportedly, 3 Saudi Shia Youth were killed and several others injured.

Detention of Sheikh Nimr came as he had warned that his arrest or martyrdom would definitely lead to the establishment of an opposition movement.

Neither has “Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr” been the first figure to put his life into risk in the battle against evil, nor is he expected to be last. We, as people inspired by Imam Khomeini’s school of thought, announce the world we have had many people with the same depth of character.

Yet such plots, deceptive and oppressive as they are, will totally be nullified by God’s assistance, as he promises in Holy Quran: O you who believe! If you help (in the cause of) Allah, He will aid you, and make your foothold firm.

Condemning Saudi regime’s heinous intervention in other countries’ internal affairs, especially in Bahrain and Syria, as well as its use of force against peaceful demonstrators in Eastern parts of Saudi – having reached its peak following Nimr al-Nimr’s arrest-, we warn the regime that we have planned to stay firm so as to bring it down with resort to our revolutionary patience and insight; and that, confident by the accomplishment of god’s promise highlighted in in the holy verse” O you who believe! If you help (in the cause of) Allah, He will aid you, and make your foothold firm”, we will work round- the-clock to achieve our goal.

AS we are informed and promised in Quran that “Once Truth has arrived, Falsehood will perish: for Falsehood is (by its nature) bound to perish” We will be determined and steadfast to move as quickly as possible towards the annihilation of all those in service of tyranny and monarchy.

وقد افادت وكالات الانباء العربية والاجنبية ان عالم الدين الشيعي البارز وامام جامع بلدة العوامية الشيعية في المملكة السعودية الشيخ نمر باقر النمر اعتقل مصابا جراء عملية اتسمت بالعنف المسلح. هذا وخرج سكان بلدة العوامية الشيعية وشتى مدن المملكة الى الشوارع احتجاجا على اعتقال الشيخ النمر وشهدت هذه الاحتجاجات هتافات التكبير ونداءات تدعوا لاسقاط نظام آل سعود المشؤوم حيث تشير الانباء الى سقوط عدد من الشباب الشيعة بين شهيد وجريح. هذا وقد اعلن الشيخ النمر آنفا: انني على ثقة تامة ان اعتقالي او قتلي سيؤدي الى ثورة شاملة. ويظن موالي دجال آخر الزمان بسبب عنادهم وجهلهم عن اصحاب جبهة الحق المخلدين انهم يقدرون على حرف شيعة الحسين (ع) عن التقدم في مسيرة الكدح نحو الله. ان هؤلاء الجهلة لا يعلمون ان السائرون في درب النور يعشقون الشهادة ولايخشون الموت ويعتبرونه الطريق الاقرب للوصول الى معانقة المحبوب. وابتعدوا هؤلاء الذين دعوا لاسقاط نظام آل سعود المشؤوم حيث تشير الانباء الى سقوط عدد من الشباب الشيعة بين شهيد وجريح. هذا وقد اعلن الشيخ النمر آنفا: انني على ثقة تامة ان اعتقالي او قتلي سيؤدي الى ثورة شاملة. يظن موالي دجال أخر الزمان بسبب عنادهم وجهلهم عن اصحاب جبهة الحق المخلدين انهم يقدرون على حرف شيعة الحسين (ع) من التقدم في مسيرة الكدح نحو الله. ان هؤلاء الجهلة لا يعلمون ان السائرون في درب النور يعشقون الشهادة ولايخشون الموت ويعتبرونه الطريق الاقرب للوصول الى معانقة المحبوب. وابتعدوا هؤلاء الذين إثاقلوا الى الارض عن ادراك ما معنى “احدى الحسنيين” ، التيار الذي نشأ منذ اغتيال هابيل واستمر بسفك دماء النبي يحيى ورسل رب العالمين ووصل الى ذروته في محراب الكوفة وصحراء كربلاء والجامع الاموي في الشام. ان اليوم اكثر من اي وقت مضى نستطيع تمييز الحق من الباطل ونرى ان هناك اصرار اعمى من قبل نهج الباطل المنحرف وفي المقابل نجد نهج الحق المظلوم يؤكد على مقاومته باقتدار وشموخ. ان الشيخ النمر العزيز المقاوم لم يكن اول ضحية في هذا النهج ولن يكون الاخير . فليعلم العالم اننا تلامذة مدرسة الخميني (طاب ثراه) ورأينا العديد من امثال النمر في العقود الأخيرة. ومن الجدير بالذكر ان هذه العقبات ستلاقي نصرة الله تعالى وفقا لما وعده الله في سننه وقوانينه المحكمة . ولايجوز الصمت حيال هذه السلوكيات المسيئة . وكما انه على مدى التأرخ لم ينصاع المسلمون امام هجوم عوامل الكفر والنفاق ايضا هناك ستتخذ نواة المقاومة الشعبية التي انشئت بتوجيهات وتدبير السيد “روح الله” في شتى بقاع العالم التي تروم للتحرر، مواقف اكثر صرامة وحدة. اذن لاتستثنى الشبكة العنكبوتية (الاينترنت) من هذه الرؤية والقاعدة ، فلذلك ندين ونشجب المساعي المشؤومة للنظام السعودي للتدخل غير المبرر في الشؤون الداخلية للبلدان الاخرى لاسيما البحرين وسورية وايضا ممارسة عمليات القمع والبطش في مواجهة الاحتجاجات السلمية في المناطق الشرقية لارض حرمين الشريفين والتي سميت زورا بالمملكة السعودية ووصلت هذه العمليات القمعية الغاشمة الى ذروتها بالاعتداء على سماحة الشيخ النمر. فمن هذا المنطلق نحن نحذر النظام السعودي: كما وعد سماحة الشيخ النمر سنخطط بصمودنا وبصيرتنا الثورية الى الاطاحة بهذا النظام الفاسد القبلي المستبد ولن نستكين عن مساعينا الحثيثة للوصول الى هذا الهدف السامي وكما عبّر عنه مولانا امير المؤمنين الامام علي (ع) لقد اعرنا جماجمنا لله سبحانه وتعالى ونؤمن بوعد الله في قرآنه المجيد “ان تنصر الله ينصركم ويثبت اقدامكم”. واتكاءا على وعد الله الحق “اذا جاء الحق زهق الباطل” نحن ملتزمون بحث الخطى للخلاص ومحو عملاء الاستكبار والطواغيت

From iranian people


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what is it 0 and 1?!

With Sha’aban once again around the corner, Muslims are getting ready to celebrate a birth anniversary; Birth of Imam of our era, master of all our lives, Imam of all beauties, the Savior…

We spent a time to contemplate what kind of present we can offer to the dearest person in our life? Just like previous years, we had nothing deserving Him. Yet we came to an idea which can be fruitful for ourselves ahead of Ramadan and can make Him happy too. WE shall bear in mind that He Himself wrote to Sheikh Mofid that:
“The only things which hide me from my Shia followers are inappropriate deeds that we do not expect from the and yet they commit.”
So we have to do our best not to postpone his revelation by our deeds.
A wise once mentioned a subtle point that triggered the idea of a good “birth present” for this year! He said: “If Imam Mahdi appears right now and asks for your cell phone, would you give it to Him?! Are you enough sure about data you have on it?! Aren’t there any photos, music, clips or whatsoever likely to upset him?!”

devices, have decided to offer a special birth present to our master; it can also prepare ourselves for Ramadan. During two weeks between His birth anniversary and holy Ramadan, we will perform a digital ablutions (Wudu)! We shall remember that Wodu purifies both our bodies and souls. This is our birthday gift to Imam. Altogether, from Sha’abn 15th until beginning of Ramadan, purify our laptops, cell phone, flash memories and all digital devices. We will check all the devices from His point of view and will erase whatever likely to upset him; by this we will make Him happy and purify ourselves too, Inshallah.
All are invited. If you are interested in joining the move, you can post a comment on this site and leave your info here.
You can also contribute to this move by writing a post on your blog or website, or posting a banner, poster, podcast, minimal works, etc. or you can even republish this post on your blogs. You can also seize the time to send text messages to your friends and acquaintances in order to invite them to join us. God willing, we hope all these can help us to be spiritually a better person… Inshallah!
by RAZE57 website

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Why?-Because hi is a “Muslim”!

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my soul is victim of Imam Hadi

my soul is victim of Imam Hadi

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US teenager’s killer charged with second-degree murder

Volunteer neighborhood watch guard George Zimmerman has been charged with second-degree murder in the fatal shooting in Florida in February of unarmed African-American 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

“Today, we filed an information charging George Zimmerman with murder in the second degree,” Florida state attorney general Angela Corey, who is investigating the case, told a press conference in Jacksonville, Florida on Wednesday, AFP reported.

“Just moments ago…we spoke with Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin, the sweet parents of Trayvon,” Corey said. “They now know charges have been filed, and that George Zimmerman is in custody.”

She added that the 28-year-old will be in court within 24 hours. The charge carries a maximum sentence of life in prison.

Second-degree murder charges are typical when there is a fight or other confrontation that results in death and where there is no premeditated plan to kill someone.

The issue of hate crimes is one of the most controversial topics in the Unites States and has in the recent weeks sparked a number of demonstrations across the country.

Martin’s murder, which took place in Sanford, Florida on February 26, has rekindled concerns over the matter among the US public. Many have questioned the motives behind the killing, saying the shooting was racially motivated.

However, Zimmerman claims that he had acted in self-defense, saying that the victim had slammed his head into the pavement repeatedly before he fired the gunshot